About Us

Asmazlar Bag Evi is in the region of Bağlar Değirmenbaşı which is the protected area of Safranbolu. Bağlar has the most clean air of Safranbolu because of it is at the top of the region and next to the forest. In Bağlar region the layout plan is few and far in the big gardens. Because of this it has been used as layout place for summer for many years.

Asmazlar Bağ Evi is a three decker structure which was built on the Stone walls have the thicknesses of 90-100 cm and the wooden posts. The known history of the palace depends on before more than 200 years.

In the palace, 3 sisters named Mrs.Habibe, Mrs.Fatma and Mrs.Huriye,the granddaughters of Mrs.Havva who was a Asmaz daughter, lived long years. After their death the restoration of the palace has been realized by Mrs.Sabiha Yongacı who is one of the granddaughter.

The ground floor has been restorated as reception, restaurant, meeting room and rest area which were the parts of the house named as “LIFE, BYRE, BOILER FURNACE” before. The breakfasts are provided to service here. In the rest salon there is a wide screen TV.  By the virtue of wireless internet system, the guests can supply internet accesses easily.

The breakfasts are open buffet with excellent kinds of goods.Also, home baklava, water heurek, bread with walnut are within our treats.

There are totally 10 rooms for accommodation of which 5 of them are on the first floor and 5 of them are on the second floor. On every floor the rooms are opened to the common rest area named aas sofa(çardak). There are diwans furnished specially in the sofas.

Asmazlar Bağevi has been formed from two parts “Harem and Selamlık”. After entering to the, in order to pass to Harem, a separate door and upstairs is used which is in the part named as “life”. The reason of this is, the religion and traditions did not allow the women of the house seen by strange men from out of house.

Ferris Wheel (Dönme Dolap) is on the first floor and between harem and selamlık. At the old times, the ferris Wheel were used to provide the service of treats to the men guests out of family by the women of the house. They were putting the treats on the shelves of the ferris Wheel and turning towards men’s side selamlık and the men were taking the treats without seeing the women. The ferris Wheel is worth seeing because of it reflects the family life of Safranbolu people in old times.

KIZMA HAMAM (Turkish Hamam) is on the second floor. With one basin of bath and glass dome on the ceiling, it is one of the worth seeing hamams of Safranbolu also.The restoration of the hamam has been continued.
There is 2750 squaremeters garden of Asmazlar Bağevi with many fruit trees. To sit in the garden is also possible when the weather is sunny.

All details has been designed fort he comfort and restful accommodation of our guests. We are pleased and proud of to meet our guests in our historical house.